Hope and Wait

 Things have felt so messy lately. Everytime I think I grasp what is going on something else is thrown at me, something that makes me just want to say enough already. 
It has been this way since April 1st. It has just been one thing after another.  My life has just snowballed through and now here I am, trying to figure out what, if anything, I am supposed to do. I have some many things that have gotten out of control that nothing feels in control right now and to be honest I dont know what to do. 
To be even more honest, I am kinda afraid to make any decisions or even have thoughts because they all seem to add to this ever growing snowball. 
So today all I can do is wait. Hope I dont make things worse. Hope I dont make the wrong decisions. Hope I dont think the wrong things. 
Hope and wait. 


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