Traveling With Cats - Our Review Of The Bubble Window Backpack

We are doing a short series on places to stay with pets in the St Pete area and was offered the opportunity to try out the Small Animal Bubble Window Backpack/Carrying Case. This was a great time for us to review this because not only are we doing places to stay but we are doing adventures with pets in the next few months and having a good carrier is a nice option to have when you are traveling with your pets. 

Inside the box is backpack/carrier, the bubble viewing port, flat viewing port, and a small padding for the inside as well as basic instructions. 

Once we got it unpacked it was pretty easy to put together. You simply put the port you want to use, either the flat or bubble, and then snap in place the outer ring. The carpet padding goes on the inside, on the bottom, and does have a velcro piece under to keep it in place. 
Inside the backpack is a small clasp with a rope so your pets are secure. 
In addition to the air holes on the viewing ports there are 3 air holes on the outside bottom of the carrier as well as 3 towards top on either side, on the fabric. There is plenty of breathing space. 
The straps of the carrier are thick and sturdy. They seem pretty durable so far. They are also a little padded which makes it more comfortable to wear, especially if you are going to be using it for a long adventure.

We tried the carrier with 2 of our more adventurous cats and they both did really well. Neither of them is really outdoor so we weren't too sure how this would go but they were both calm. It did take them a few minutes to realize what we were doing and they are more window cats so this worked perfect for them. They love to watch the outdoors, just not be too into the outdoors. 

The zippers, there are 2, go all around so makes for easy opening and closing. The padding stayed in place. The bubble stayed in place and on well. I have read a few reviews on similar products with the viewing bubble and pets popping it out of place. We did not have any issues but I would suggest using the buckle inside as an added security because the bubble could be popped if enough pressure is put on it. 

Overall we were impressed with the backpack/carrier. It is easy to use and is comfortable to wear. Again, the straps are thicker and padded so they dont cut into your shoulders like a normal backpack would with added weight. 
We chose the blue color but this does come in other options. To view this product and others please visit : Small Animal Backpack

Do you travel with your pets?

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  1. I do think that I have seen these before, but never really took much time into further investigating them. We just got our son a kitten for the holidays and I'm sure she would have a blast in this! I'm glad that the straps were thicker than a regular backpacks, because of the added weight. I'll definitely be looking more into this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. OMG HAHAHAHA! IF I saw a cat in a backpack like this, I would laugh - but at the same time, it's so smart!

  3. That is the most amusing thing I've ever seen! I don't have cats but the cats I know would have NOTHING to do with that (but they're pretty anti social, lol!)

  4. What a great way to carry a cat on a walk. Does the cat like being in it?

  5. I have actually never heard of this, however just the other day I was thinking about how much my cat would love to be able to go outside with us on a hike but we weren't sure how we would take him! this looks interesting! Im not sure how he would react to being enclosed outside but it definitely seems your kitties enjoyed it!! :)

  6. First: this is a totally cool looking backpack with or without a cat. I love that you can give your cat a comfy, secure and safe way to join in the family traveling fun. Great product!

  7. I have seen these on social media and they look awesome. Both my cats are not the type that would let me put them in here let alone do it calmly lol

  8. One question though - if my cat is a bit overweight - will the backpack hold?

  9. OMG this is awesome! So much more convenient then the traditional plastic tote. We have so got to look into purchasing one so that we can take our cat with us when traveling.


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