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The Chilly Adventures of Mr. Small 


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"The Chilly Adventures of Mr. Small" is a small but mighty fun-packed graphic novel about a sort of hamster anti-hero, who battles freezing cold in creative ways to keep his dust bunny friends warm and cozy. Discovering that his tiny home is threatened by cold, Mr. Small arms himself with miniature wraps and ventures forth to discover the climate control center, skillfully turning it up to HOT. However, it is still cold in his home, could it be because of an open window and tiny white fluffy things like snowflakes blowing in? Mr. Small actually has a fascinating conversation with a snowflake, who is named chilly, it turns out. Mr. Small and his dust bunny friends are invited by Chilly to meet more snowflakes outside the window. Throwing on extra warm hats, the friends fly forth on fortunate balloon air power from Mr. Small's pocket. Mr. Small loves the look of the snow piles of flakes, but he discovers they are colder than they look. There are too many snowflakes to name, but Mr. Small tries to be polite as Chilly introduces him. Because Mr. Small can't fly, float, or swim, the friends decide he will travel on candy cane skis, and along with his dust bunny friends. Mr. Small is an awesome skier until he crashes into Frosty, the Snowman, and knocks out his eyes of coal. Mr. Small and Chilly make Frosty a pet out of snow, a hamster which names Fluffy. Next Mr. Small and friends engage in a fun snowball fight and ends rolling downhill in a big monster snowball. His next adventure involves skating on thin ice in the pond, falling through, and being rescued by Chilly the snowflake, Howl, the wind, and Spark, the fire. The friends share toasted marshmallows in ingenious ways, and soon it is time for Mr. Small to go home. A squirrel taxi, wearing a checkered scarf, delivers Mr. Small to his window of his house. There Mr. Small is greeted by his dust bunny friends and the cat, and treated to a cup of hot cocoa and a cozy bedtime nap. But wait, is there one more winter adventure left for Mr. Small? A tiny trip to an outdoor outhouse (for hamsters) reminds readers that even hot cups of cocoa may have their down side on cold winter nights. The dialogue and comic pictures of Mr. Small and friends are adorable, comic, erudite, and sweet. Kids and grown ups alike will clamor for more adventures of Mr. Small. This graphic novel will encourage reluctant readers to read, read, and read some more.

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