HELLO OCTOBER! We are back!

Hello readers! Its been a while....a long while which seems like a blink but I am back here to share and to write. Hoping to get back into a posting rhythm again and this time a little better and a little more tailored. 
We will still be full of fun and travels, photography, and all things family and Florida. 
So Happy October! I can not believe it is October already, but I am sure alot of you are saying the same thing right? 
Anyone do any super summer traveling? Honestly we did not. We kind of take off the summer months. It is always so much hotter and much more busier and crowded so we spend alot of time inside. 
I did start working again, the end of May so now I have even more reason to stay inside. I work from home so that is a really nice option that I am thankful for. 
So here we go! Lets get back to blogging! 

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