New Year...again

Here we are! A New Year already! 2019. WOW! It always goes by so quickly so I am kind of hoping to take time this year. Slow down a bit and re-evaluate a few things in my life. Hoping that this year will be much better than any other thus far. I kinda of need to throw the good out there in all ways, in hopes of it coming back to me. I am sure I am  not the only one that had a rocky 2018. So we shall see I guess.
I am not much for resolutions. It's never really been my thing but I think I want to attempt to do more things I don't normally do, like resolutions. This year, my main focus is going to be myself. My kids are older, still home but older, and I need to make sure I have myself on the right path so they can benefit from whatever I am and do. So it is really that simple for me this year.
What are your new years resolutions? Feel free to share.


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