Last Scheduled Day

Today is my last scheduled day with the program I have been on since....last June. I didn't expect to get the offer because I missed it the first time around but I did and I have to say that working from home, and on the program I have been on, has been amazing. Sure, there are some customers that are upset but everyone has their own reasons for wanting things to work right and when it doesn't they have to call someone. I ended up being a tiny bit promoted a few months ago and again, super grateful for such an unexpected adventure. I have always been a helper and a fixer so I tend to look for the customer service calls where they are overly frustrated or are having the same issues over and over and just need you to listen because sometimes when they are talking, and what they think is the problem, isn't. And this allows you to give them different answers than everyone previously has.
I am feeling a bit bittersweet and I kinda hope the program eventually makes it way back to the company but in the mean time I am off to a different adventure on feel free to stay tuned!


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