How we spent our Monday............

So I have not said much about Mondays events because honestly I have been busy. Monday morning 2 of the kids had to go into public schools here and take the FCAT test. They were done at 10am and then noon. During the time I dropped them off and picked them up I took the babies to "the lion park" they call it. It has a small splashpad/fountain area with lion statues and that is how they know what I am talking about. Anyways  off to Hyde Park we went. Spent a couple hours playing and walking around the stores that are there. It's very calm there in the mornings. After I picked up the older 2 we decided to spend the day out because they all had to get up early that morning and all this week so I wanted them to be nice and tired out. We drove out to Davis Island and the kids played in the water for a little over an hour before we started to head home. On the way home we decided we were going to stop off at the park by our house, it also has a splashpad which is bigger and the kids can run around a little and get all that energy out. We ended up in a fender bender in the parking lot so I decided it was best to just head home. We were all tired anyways so skipping 1 park wasn't a horrible idea. 
When I got home and everyone was cleaned, fed and calmed down I got online and all I saw were pictures from the bombing. Of course it was all over the tv and radio.  It was a little after 6pm. I did this weeks Wordless Wednesday on the pictures that stuck with me the most. Immediately I thought that we are supposed to do the Color Me Rad here next month, what if I take the kids there and someone decides to blow us up! 
What if I take them there and something like that were to happen?!?!
What would I do? I try not to throw negative thoughts into the universe. So I tried, and am trying, not to think about what I would do or what could possible happen but when things like this happen how do you not think some bad things??? 
We are not normally runners (AT ALL!) and we are not active in the running community but I have been saying for months how I think we should be and even if we aren't running, we can go to the events and we can all go together, something to do together. 
What if something happens and it was because I decided we should have gone?  I am responsible for the kids. It is my job to keep them happy, entertained, healthy and decent. 
Then the mind wanders on to other events, things that are out of my control. I can't keep them home or with me forever. Even if I do that doesn't at all mean any of us are safe...not at home, not at school, not at the mall, not while out running. We are not safe anywhere and there is no one (no earthly being anyways) that can really keep us truly safe. 
Monday started out a great day! And even though it was tragic, maybe it ended a great day because it makes everyone stop. Stop and realize what your life is. Stop and think about your family, your friends, your kids and loved ones. Stop and be thankful. Stop and do something for someone else. Just stop for a minute and breath....breath because you can and so many others aren't able to even do that anymore.  Crazy....crazy and all bittersweet. 

...chasing lizards.....shhhhh...
Emmaleigh and Garrett at Hyde Park Village, just walking around. 

kids all playing at Davis Island

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