Car Masters Weekend at Downtown Disney

Posted before we left that we were heading out to Downtown Disney for the day for Car Masters Weekend. Not sure how, but I have been unaware of this event for the past few years. None of us are (really) car buffs but they were going to have Mater, Lightening McQueen and Finn McMissile there so YES! We were going to go. Orlando is only about an hour away from us so its not too much to do a day trip with the kids every now and again just to wander around over there. 

Car Masters Weekend was June 15th & 16th. They have over 150 cars on display throughout the West Side of Downtown Disney. Sunday they were going to give out the Best of Show award but we did not stay overnight. The event was free but of course we had to go do a little shopping. We decided to go that Saturday (the 15th). Originally I kinda wanted to leave early but we got there about 2/2:30pm. The parking was not bad at all and the crowd was not too bad. Unfortunately we got there and about 15/20 minutes after we got there it started to rain so the cars were covered pretty quick. We decided at that time to go stand in line and get some pictures with the Cars crew. We were about 30 in line and the older gentleman behind us worked for EPCOT. He was awesome. He shared his umbrella with us and told us some great stories about working at EPCOT. ( I should have gotten his name but I didn't.) After standing in line for a few minutes the rain started to be a little more intense and there was some thunder so they ended up covering the Cars also until the weather was a little better. Our spot went from about 30 to 15 kinda quickly because no one planned on or wanted to stand in the rain. 30 minutes of off and on standing in the rain they finally decided to uncover the cars and let all of us just take our pics. Fine with me, whats a little rain! So ultimately we did get our pics with Cars and that was the main reason we went. Rain or not we will be looking forward to this event hopefully for years to come. 
Thanks DISNEY! 

Car Masters Weekend
Downtown Disney 

Started to rain so cars were covered up super quick. 

The girls with Mike from the upcoming Monster U!
The boys with Mike from the upcoming Monsters U!
Here comes the darkness. 

Words of Wisdom 

Rained on 
Cars from the line
The kids, soaked, with Finn McMissile  
Kids with Lightening McQueen 
THUMBS UP! with Lightening McQueen 
Lightening McQueen at Car Masters Weekend 
another of Lightening McQueen 
Kids and Mater 
Mater (through the raindrops!) 

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  1. It looks like ya'll had fun.

    1. Yes we all did. Rain or not it was worth it! :)

  2. Looks like fun even in the rain :) I hope one day we can get to Disney I live about 16 hours away in Virginia Lol

    1. I have contemplated moving away from this area but then I dont know what I would do it we did not have the option of Disney and the Orlando area so close in 1 direction and the beach right on the other side of us. I could not imagine not living close enough to Disney to not go often lol. Hopefully you will make it here soon! :)

  3. I love Downtown Disney. This looks like a ton of fun!

  4. That looks like so much. My son would have loved that! I assume since you mentioned EPCOT that this was at Disney World. Hope to take my kids one day.


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