Disney's Planes

Planes comes out on August 9th......in 9 days! 

And the kids here are super excited to go see it. They all loved Cars and Cars 2 so this is going to be great. 
We saw Monsters U at the drive in so we are probably going to venture out there again for this movie. 
There are a TON of things online and off but here are 9 different Planes related activities and printables that we picked out to do as a countdown to the movie. 
Hope you enjoy!

3 activities to download:

  Posters to print:

Disney Planes can be found here on TwitterFacebookPinterest and Online.


  1. So creative and fun activity to do xx

  2. Thank for all the fun stuff! The kids are gonna love the movie.

  3. My little girl just saw the previews for this movie and cant wait to see it! Thanks for the fun crafts!


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