30 Days of Thanks 8-14 #Thankful #November

Follow along during November as I go through what I am thankful for. Week 1 is posted and we are now onto week 2.

Day 8: Thankful for family today. Not all necessarily my family but they have all treated us (myself and the kids) life family and we are all grateful and thankful to be apart of that. Near, far, blood or not...family is family#Family  

Day 9: Thankful for the little things. All of them.

Day 10: Thankful for my sanity. I am thankful I have the ability to deal with things and keep going. I am thankful I can deal with some people (and all their negativity and attitudes and ugliness) and still remain calm (sometimes). If it weren't for my sanity, and sometimes lack of, I would be very unhappy.

Day 11: Thankful for wishes, hopes and dreams.

Day 12: Thankful for pine cones and cinnamon.

Day 13: Thankful for the fact my husband is who he is. Good or bad it makes me realize things I would not otherwise and things I would not have otherwise learned.

Day 14: Thankful for the nonsense and the negativity. Some of it I could have done without but in the end it is what makes me who and what I am (good and bad). It keeps me going.

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