Our little Valentines Day

Valentines Day is here! 

Valentines Day is here! We did some decorating and some crafty stuff throughout the beginning of the month and now Cupid has been here and left some goodies for the kids....candy, flowers, toys, pink milk, and some jewelry for the girls. 
Tierney helped to make chocolate covered strawberries. She doesn't like them but she loevd making them. The oldest, Glenn, is one of Cupids helpers so he helped finish up any last minute wrapping last night and helped sneak the flowers in. The kids did sleep in a bit but Emmaleigh was the first to wake up and had no issues with waking everyone else up. She was super excited that Cupid had been here. 
The kids spent the morning going through their bags and boxes. They swapped out any candy they didn't want with each other and played with their new toys. Em got a new baby doll that she is now inseparable with. Tierney got some jewelry and a trinket box. Both girls got flowers. The boys got balloons and a video game. The babies loved the strawberries!! Overall it was a really good day. It as pretty relaxed and we didn't do much at all but it was calm and quiet and what I think it should have been. 

Monster card (made by Garrett). Some of the goodies for the boys. 
Flowers and goodies for the kids. Tissue paper hearts made at Michaels. Ems new doll. 

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