If you're calm.... #TheBlogDare

...things seem a little less than what they really are. 
On the 12th, I took Tierney, Garrett, and Emmlaeigh to a screening for DisneyNature's Bears. Em loves popcorn and whenever one of us goes without her we refill the bag and bring it home to her. Since she was able to go, she wanted to refill the bag and bring it home. I walked up with her while she asked for more. We folded the top down so she didn't lose any, walked out, got in the truck to leave, and off we went. 
About 10 minutes into the just under 30 minute drive home, she spilled her popcorn. Greasy blah all over the back floor. The look on her face was like deer in headlights. At first I wanted to tell her she would be going to time out when we got home because she was told to keep it shut but as the seconds went by the thoughts started...'there is plenty of water between here and home,' 'wonder if I have anything sharp since it is so hot,' and 'I have to stop and clean this out.' 
Instead of making the whole afternoon feel negative and her first in theater movie experience bad I wanted to stop. Let her enjoy her day. Yes, there was grease on the floor boards but I have some dish soap at home that can soak it up pretty well. 
We stopped after I got off the interstate in St Pete, by the ocean and I cut her jeans into shorts. I let her, Garrett, and Tierney clean out any popcorn they could. Birds love popcorn! They cleaned off their hands and feet, we jumped back into the truck and home we went, to finish our afternoon and to get ready for the SpringFest and Faeire Festival we had planned. 
*since then the truck got a few drops of some Mrs Meyers Dish Soap and all the grease came up.* 

I am sure you all know where this story is headed! Kids are only kids for a bit. Don't take that time for granted. No use crying over spilled popcorn. Let them put their fingerprints on everything! Let them make a bit of a mess. Let them make mistakes and turn them into something good if you can. Granted there are things that happen that you should not make light of but the smaller things, just let them go. The kids grow quick. Mine are still fairly young and they are all still home with me but I know that soon enough they will be gone and doing their own thing. 



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