Seeing you like this... #TheBlogDare not where I thought you would be. This is me telling myself this. I find myself saying it more and more lately. Before I never really had an issue with too much. I was ok with the way things were going. Nothing was perfect but it was tolerable. Now....I think its just that time is creeping up quicker and quicker. Time for me to do things a little different is creeping up quicker and quicker. 
You ever stop and think to yourself that you should be somewhere else? Be further along? Be less stressed about day to day relationships? I do! Not all the time, I can sometimes be out of sight, out of mind about things, but then there are days when it's crazy. I keep thinking I need to do something else....but what. Which takes me to my post yesterday about direction and decisions. I just feel like I should be farther along. I have made my mistakes and have grown out of them already so what is going on??? I am going to give myself a little bit longer because there are some upcoming changes to be made and hopefully I will be able to look back and say this
Right where I should be!!

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