9 (almost end of) Summer crafts for September #crafts #September

August FLEW by! I can't even tell you were half the month went but it is over. And while we are all getting closer to the fall months and the holidays, I want to hold on to the last bit of summer. Here are a few summer crafts for September to help you enjoy the last few weeks. 

S - Sand bowl. 
We go to the beach often....at least once a week. Fortunately we are about 3 minutes to the closest beach and about 5-7 to another 4 beaches. I probably have enough sand in the truck to make one of these but it is basically just sand and glue! Super simple! Find out how to make over on Pinterest

drip sand mixed with glue over a bowl until it dries

E - Edible Fish Bowls
A great summer snack! And simple instructions on Ten Kids and A Dog Blog.

P- Puffer Fish
Crafty Morning has this super cute Puffer fish that the kids are going to be making this week. I love the colors! I think these might end up as part of the kids bathroom decor. 

T- Treasure Hunt
One of the dogs had gotten ahold of one of Ems stuffed animals and left stuffing on the floor. She came out to me with the stuffing and said she "was going to solve this mystery." Well, that got me thinking...what if we had more mysteries to solve? Or the kids woke up to treasure maps! 

E- Eye Spy Bottle
This has got to be the easiest toy to make! Kids can add different toys, glitter, rocks, and whatever else they can find - mix in with rice- fill and that's it. Little miss Em made the princess version with buttons and jewelry, beads and glitter. She loves it and she loves that the other kids can play with her. Dollar Store Mom has the same bottle we used (its a Voss water bottle and it's plastic!). 

M- Memory Game
Memory Games now a days come in so many colors, characters, and options. I love that we can make our own. I found the Popsicle version on Apartment Therapy and can't wait for the girls to make it and be able to use it in the play kitchen! 

B- Ball After Dark
I recently posted about playing Kickball After Dark and this would be a perfect way to hold on to those long summer nights. Gather the kids up and head outside for some good old fashioned fun. 

E- Elmer's Glue Window Clings
We have so many of these and every year I find myself buying more. I love this idea because kids can create just about anything they can draw..or trace! The possibilities are endless with these DIY Window Clings. For full instructions head on over to The Polka Dotted Turtle

R- Rock Dominoes
We go out on walks all the time and end up with a TON of rocks. I am kind of out of ideas as to what to do with them. We have rock gardens, rock pets, love rocks, and just jars and bottles of them inside. We are going to round up some and make these Rock Dominoes found over at ChildcareLand Blog

How is everyone else planning on dragging out the rest of summer? Any special last minute plans? Or is everyone excited for fall? 

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