St Pete to Gatlinburg Roundup // family roadtrip

I started posting about our roadtrip from St Pete to Gatlinburg in individual posts but out together this quick roundup of all the posts so they are easier to find and read. 

I started out by sharing the information on all the Ripleys Attractions in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. 
Our roadtrip started crazy early, which was a super smart decision because all the kids were tired and slept till we got almost out of Florida. 


It was pretty late when we got in. We did stay at the Brookside Resort which I found out was just previously on Hotel Impossible. so we did not do much the first night but we did have a pretty full day after that, and pretty much throughout the trip. Day 1 consisted of grabbing our tickets for all of the Ripleys Attractions. We were able to make it through the Mirror Maze and Believe It Or Not. 



As we were walking back from the Mirror Maze area we were planning on stopping in a few of the other shops and Ripleys Attractions but we happened to look up to the north and saw snow on the mountain. Considering I have not seen snow since I was 8(ish) and the kids have never seen it I wanted to attempt to find some, even if it was just a little. We rushed back to the room and took the car up through the mountains


Day 2 we decided to start at the Ripleys Aquarium.  


Our last night was just a little relaxed. We walked from where we were staying to Shoneys, had a fairly earlier dinner then walked the other side of the street back to the room. 

Overall we had a great time. A huge thank you to US Family Guide and Ripleys Of The Smokies for providing the opportunity.


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