Reading Eggs #Review

I had the opportunity to try Reading Eggs on a free trial. We signed up on the night of 09/14 and I started Garrett on the site on the 15th. If you have more than one child you can add them each so you can keep track of individual learning. There are different levels and games that can be earned throughout the game. There is also a playroom where kids can draw and paint or doodle. I registered under about 5 minutes and I added Garrett who just started Kindergarten and Tierney who is in the 4th grade just to get an idea of the range available.

Garrett wanted to start with the MathSeeds program. When you start the program you have the option to do a short placement test. We chose to do it just because I wanted him to start where he was comfortable and the program does that for you.  There were only 25 questions and they ask to count objects and to click on words for numbers (Example: Asked you to click on 3 and would have the words 'Two' 'Four' 'Three' 'Five' and he would click on 'Three"). Mango the Monkey goes through all the math lessons. Each number has 21 lessons that go through the actual number and the spelling of the number. There are different lessons that let you click on the word or the numbers to associate him with the words and numbers.

The reading program has a placement test as well but it is a little bit longer. It has 60 questions and Garrett had to listen to the prompts to answer the questions. Once the test is over you start on level 1 and Sam the ant teaches you the letters first. Garrett had to sound out letters to find words and pictures that matched (Example: M and there would be a picture of a Monkey and a Ball. He had to sound out M and Monkey and Ball and click the correct one).
You can go through and play different games and you advance levels. You earn points as you complete levels and the points can be used to play fun learning games. Garrett kept calling everyone to show them when Sam would dance and sing. He thought it was so funny! lol.

Tierney logged on a little later on in the day. She went with Reading Eggspress since it is for ages 7-13. The first place she went was to the Library. There are books to choose from and once you finish the book you can take a little test to earn points towards games and other activities. She was able to read books and use the time she read for her actual homework so that is a bonus. Inside the Library there are Books of the Day and a whole bunch of books grouped by categories. Some of them are Science, Adventure, Myths, and Comedy. There is a book called "Binks Leaves a List" so she LOVED that because we call her Bink. She read a few books before venturing off. There is a mall and an apartment that you can use points to buy different items. There is also a Gym that lets her test what she knows and has learned. The last place she went was the Stadium. There she got to compete against other players or the computer.

Both parents and children can keep track of their own progress. The program gives each child an Estimated Reading Age, Phonic Skills, and Sight Word Counter. It also lists the events each child has done.
This was part of Day 1.

Garrett's progress
Recent Events

  • Garrett completed lesson 6 about the letter b as in boat. Garrett read the 'Bb' alphabet book.
  • Garrett completed lesson 5 about the letter a as in apple and the word at. Garrett read the 'Aa' alphabet book.
  • Garrett completed lesson 4 about the letter t as in tiger. Garrett read the 'Tt' alphabet book.
  • Garrett completed lesson 3, where Garrett read the word am. Garrett read the 'Ii' alphabet book.
  • Garrett completed lesson 2 about the letter s as in sun. Garrett read the 'Ss' alphabet book.

The site also offers Free Activity Sheets for Reading Eggs and MathSeeds. They all go along with each lesson and level so the kids can have some offline work to do.

Honestly I probably would not have tried Reading Eggs if it weren't for the free trial because we have tried other programs both off and online and they were never able to hold the kids attention. We are now on week, almost 3, of Reading Eggs and both of them log on for a bit after school on their own so the program is doing something right!

Some information on Reading Eggs:

  • The Reading Eggs program has been developed by a highly experienced team of teachers, educational writers, animators and web developers.
  • Reading Eggs focuses on a core reading curriculum of skills and strategies essential for sustained reading success and is suitable for children aged 3 through 12. And with the change in learning to Common Core this program seems to have children think more on their own.
  • Since launching in the United States and Canada in 2011, Reading Eggs has signed on more than 500,000 subscribers and presented more than 15 million lessons in North America.
  • My Readers receive a Free Five-Week Trial Offer. Register now for a free five-week trial of our program. No credit card required. Five week trial is good till 9/30 then will go back to two-week trial.

Disclosure:: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a trial for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


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