30 Days of Thanks 22 - 28 #Thankful #November

This month is almost over. It has flown by, this whole year has, again. Started the month with 30 Days of Thanks and you can follow along for week 1, week 2, and week 3.

Day 22: Thankful for communication

Day 23: Thankful for the Florida weather. Thankful the kids get to enjoy it all year long. #LoveFL

Day 24: Thankful for my kids. They have their moments, all of us do, but they are with me no matter what and when something needs to be done its done. They are happy and hopefully they stay that way.

Day 25: Today we (Glenn, Ben and Tierney) are thankful for Melissa (the kids stepmom). She is an awesome bonus mom to them even after she no longer legally held the title. Today is her birthday so we are thankful for her.

Day 26: Chaos. As much as it sometimes drives me insane and I feel like my days/nights are never ending, I am thankful for the chaos. The little noises that go on all the time that let me know there are kids around here. The laughter and playing. The singing and the dancing. The fighting between siblings. The constant chaos. I dont know what I will do once they are all gone on their own but for now I dont look for the 'me time' and will appreciate the chaos.

Day 27: Thankful for those that (seem) ungrateful. Those are the ones that make me more grateful for those in my life that want to be. The ones that should be, that arent ungrateful and me and my time.

Day 28:  HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Today I am thankful for holidays and traditions. I am thankful for the Macys Day Parade that we watched. The ongoing movies and shows that we watch year after year. The Elf on the Shelf and Randall the Reindeers that come out to keep Santa updated. Making cookies and ornaments, pictures, decorating...All thing HOLIDAYS!

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